December 11, 2015 UPDATE

The staff at Big Dog Outfitters hopes everyone is having a safe and enjoyable holiday season. We won't be doing a weekly update this week as we are still a little backed up on our receiving (we had a lot come in this week). In light of the shooting in California things in the gun industry have been somewhat crazy. Our distributors are sold out across the board on AR-15 Magazines and economy AR15 rifles. We still have about 7 or 8 AR-15s priced between $600 to $750 range. We are still relatively well stocked on Magazines, Ammunition, and other AR15 Accessories. Earlier in the week we received a large shipment of AR lowers and AR15 lower parts kits with the lowers starting at $49.99 and the LPK starting at $59.99. Some additional items to note is we have 5000rd cases of Armscor .22lr in stock, along with 500rd bricks of Aguila High Velocity .22lr.

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