Cleaning Services

Full Strip and Clean

All Firearm Parts Removed and Disassembled. Cleaned, Inspected, Lubed, Reassembled and Testfired.

Hand Gun $95

Long Gun $105

Double Barrel $125

Extra Rust Removal $30+

*Additional fee for "Cosmoline" packed guns*

*Special finishes may incur an additional fee*

General Repair

$65 an Hour of Bench Time

Sight Install $25 Per Dovetail or $50 for set

*$10 off Sights if Purchased and Installed by us*

Sling Stud Swivel Studs $15 Each

Drill and Tap $30 Each Hole

Wood Stock Refinishing

Hand Rubbed Antique Finish $275

High Gloss Polyurethane Finish $175

Revolver Services

Straighten Crane, Ejector Rod and Center Pin $125

Adjust Barrel to Cylinder Gap $50

Chamfer Chambers $65

Lengthen Forcing Cone $75

Recontour Trigger $100

Bob or Half Bob Hammer $100

Trigger/Action Job $120 -$250

1911 Services

Trigger Job $400 (Parts Included)

Reliability Tuning $200 - $300

Fit Grip Safety $165 (may require refinish)

Fit Thumb Safety $70

Fit Match Barrel $270

Mill Slide for Novak sights - $75 front - $150 rear

Smith and Wesson M&P Services

Carry Trigger $180 (Parts Included)

Competition Trigger $290 (Parts Included)

Stipple Gun with up to 3 Back Straps $125

AR 15 Services

Build/Rebuild Upper $70

Build/Rebuild Lower $70

Full Build/Rebuild $120

Pin & Weld Muzzle Device $75

Glock Services

Trigger Job $120 (Parts Included)

Tailor Fit and Stipple $150

Custom Beavertail and Fit $350

Match Barrel Fit $150

Rifle and Shotgun Services

Mount and Bore Sight Optic $35

Mount and Bore Sight Precision Scope $50

Tune Bolt Action Trigger $75

Install/Fit Buttpad Pad $75

Install/Fit Adjustable Buttpad $140

Bed Action and Free Float Barrel $175

Install Mercury Recoil Reducer $25

Stock Repair $65 plus refinish

Handgun Cerakoting

Semi-Auto $220

Revolver $250

Frame only $145

Slide only $120

Long Gun Cerakoting

Barreled action $220

Semi-auto/pump w/o stock $220

Barrel only $120

Receiver only $120

Full gun w/ stock $320

*Custom Guns/Projects - Quoted*

Stock Cerakoting

1 piece $100

2 piece $115

Ar style/collapsible $75

Quad rail/rail system $100*

*$50 per addition color with patterns or $20 with two tone.*

*Prices do not include testfire*

*High cost ammo may Incur an additional fee*

*Prices Are For Labor Only Unless Noted*

*Extremely dirty and/or rusty guns will incur an additional fee*