In the week of 29 May 15

PISTOLS: Glock 35 MOS GEN4 40sw, Glock 35 GEN4 40sw, Glock 37 45GAP, Ruger SR40C 40sw 3.5", Ruger SR45 45acp 4.5", Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9mm, Springfield XD MOD2 9mm 3", Springfield XD MOD2 40sw 3", CZ Scorpion EVO 9mm, Glock 19 Gen4 9mm, Glock 22 40sw, Walther CCP 9mm 3.54"

RIFLES: Kel-Tec RFB carbine 308 18"

REVOLVERS: Ruger Single-Ten 22lr stainless

AMMUNITION: 10x boxes Fiocchi 357 mag 142grn, 20x boxes Armscor 22mag 40grn JHP, 100x boxes Remington 22lr Hi-Velocity 40grn, 10x boxes 5.7x28mm 40grn Speer, 11x boxes CCI 22short 100rnd, 5x boxes Aguila 22lr Interceptor 500rnd 40grn, 18x boxes Aguila 22lr Hi Velocity HP 38grn 500rnd, 2x boxes PMC 55grn FMJ 1000rnd, 5x boxes PMC 55grn FMJ 200rnd

MAGAZINES: 6x Smith & Wesson M&P9 9mm 17rnd, 5x Promag 1911 10rnd 45acp, 5x e-mag 30rnd ar-15 steel mag, 5x
Tarus PT92/99 17rnd mag, CZ Scorpion EVO 20rnd mag

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