In this week

Pistols: CZ Scorpion EVO 9mm, Walther PPQ-22, Walther PPQ-22 Tactical, FNX-45 Tactical Black, Springfield XD-40 Sub Compact Mod2, Springfield XD-9 Subcompact Mod2, FNX-9, Century Micro Draco

Revolvers: Several Heritage arms .22LR and 22WMR revolvers, Ruger LCRX-3 .38spc, Rossi Model 351 .38spc
Rifles: Henry Big Boy Steel .357, Walther HK416-22.

Shotguns: Century 12ga Coach Gun,

Uppers: X-Product Soda Can Launcher Upper

Magazines: Glock 19 15rd, Magpul PMAG 7.62x39,

Ammunition: Remington .22lr Subsonic, Aguila .22lr HV, Aguila .22lr Match Rifle, Aguila .22lr Subsonic, Aguila .22lr Standard Velocity, Aguila .22lr Interceptors, Rare Shotgun Ammo to include Flares, Jungle Juice, Slinger and Hog Hunter

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