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In Recently

Ammo:    (2) S&B 9MM 115gr 1000rds, (20) PPU 6.5x55Swedish 139gr FMJ 20rd, (10) Winchester Long Beard 3” 5 SHOT 10rds, (10),  (10) Hornady VMax 223rem 55gr 10rd, (20) PPU 8MM Mauser 198gr 20rds, (6) Fiocchi 44-40WIN, (2) Federal American Eagle 115gr 1000rds, (20) Aguila Mini Shells Buckshot 20rd, (20) Aguila Mini Shells Slug 20rd

Magazines:  (10) CZ Scorpion 30rd, (17) ETS Glock 31Rd, (13) HK P30SK, (2) Springfield XD 40 Subcompact, Canik TP9 15rd, FNX 45 15rd, (10) FN Five-Seven 20rd, (3) Walther P22 10rd w/finger rest, Tapco AK74 30rd, (100) P Mag Gen 3 Coyote 30rd, (30) P Mag AR300 Gen 3, (170) P Mag Gen 2 Matrix Assorted Paint Patterns,  (4) FN FNX 9 17rd, (8) S&W M&P40 13rd,

Pistols:  Ruger Security 9 Compact 9MM, Springfield RO Elite Operator 10MM, Glock 42 380Auto, Glock 43 9MM, Glock 45 Gen 5 9MM, FN American 509 Tactical 9MM,

Revolvers:  NAA Ranger II 22MAG 2.5” barrel,

Rifles:  Romanian PSL54 7.62x54R, Marlin 1895 45/70, Colt M16 A1 5.56, GSG GSG-16 22LR


Used Guns:  Ruger LCR Copper 38SPL+P, Saiga 410ga, Mossberg 500 410ga, Rock Island 1911-A1 FS 45ACP, Hi-Standard H-D 22LR Pistol,

Misc:  Inorce LED 800 Luminas,  (10) Glock Pearce Plus 2 ext gen 4 9/40, Maxim Pistol Brace, Franklin Binary Trigger, Freedom Clay Pigeon Target Holder




Remington 700 5-R Gen 2 Bolt
6.5 Creedmoor
with 24" Stainless Steel, fluted barrel
4+1 Synthetic HS Precision Black w/Green Web Stock
New - $999.99

In Recently

Ammo:    (13) Hornady Black 300BLK 110 V-MAX 200rd Ammo Cans

Magazines:  (10) CZ Scorpion 30rd, E Lander 458 Socom 10 rd steel, (174) Amend 2 AR15 30rd Magazines, Mecgar CZ75-B 17 rd,

Pistols:  Walther P22QD Nickel/Black 22LR, Walther P22QD FDE Tactical Threaded Barrel 22LR, Rock Island M1911 A2 Tactical 45 ACP Double stack, Glock 19 Gen 5 9MM, Glock 27 40S&W, Glock 26 Gen 5 9MM, Sig Sauer MCX Rattler 300Blackout w/ collapsible brace


Rifles:  Savage 110 Tactical, CZ-USA Scorpion Carbine 9MM, (6) S&W 15-22 22LR, Ruger AR556 model 8511 MD Compliant 5.56),

Shotguns:  Benelli Supernova Max-5 12/28, Benelli Nova APG 20/26

Used Guns:  Colt Police Positive 32, Ruger MKII 22LR, Winchester 61 22S/L/LR, Stevens 59A 410ga, Smith & Wesson 17 22Cal, Sig Sauer P320 TACOPS, Aero Precision AR15 Rifle 5.56, FEG Budapest PJK-9HP/P9RK

Misc:  Blackhawk Serpa CQC CZ 75B Holster, Aero Precision Receiver Multi, (5) Sig Sauer collapsible arm brace for MCX and MPX,  Vism Double Carbine Case Green 55”, Vism Double Carbine Case Gray 55”, Vism Double Carbine Case Camo 55”, Tannerite 1/2lb, 1lb, 2lb large assortment, Hornady Lock Box , Hornady 2 Gun Vault, FP-10 Lubricant,