Russian Mosin 91/30 Rifles w/ Matching Bayonet Hex Receivers in Stock!

We haven't seen any Russian Mosins imported over the last 2 years. The few that have trickled in have come from the Ukraine and have all been war guns (1941-1945). Big Dog Outfitters was been able to acquire over 60 newly imported Tula Hex guns all dated pre-1928. Each Rifle will include a bayonet with a serial number matching the Rifle. This was rarely seen in the earlier large shipments. All the Rifles are packed and covered in heavy cosmoline. Our staff is slowly unpacking and cleaning as time allows. Most appear to be Tula "CCCP" pre-1928 Soviet M91 though there are other markings. Most also have the tula hammer stamp or soviet crest on the top of the hex receiver. Each went through the 1950's Russian Re-Arsenal program. All of them are rated as Very Good condition to Excellent. Importer is Century Arms.

Price is $359.99. As we clean these we will start putting them up on Gunbroker. Online we are starting our bids at this price but they usually bid out higher based off other completed auctions. If you are willing to take a chance on one sight unseen we can lower the price to $319.99. Your gun will however look like an elephant sneezed on it due to the copious amounts of cosmoline these are packaged in.

We can ship these to your FFL or C&R for $25, or they can be purchased in the store.

We also received 10 Izhevsk hex guns.

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