Updates and Just Arrived list for 2 OCT 15

Our Weekly updates are back. We have been going through a staff transition so there has been a little delay in posting these. Also, for those that missed it, we received our first suppressors shipment from Silencerco. Finally, we are running a 30% off sale on all of our reloading supplies.

Just arrived:


A DPMS Oracle chambered in .308 16“, a Ruger Charger in 22 LR, a Ruger SR-762 in .308, a Henry 45-70 lever-action, A Delton Sport Lite AR-15, a Ruger AR-556, 20 Stripped Anderson AR-15 Lower Receivers, two Ruger 10/22 I-TACs available in black and grey, PTR 32 Gen II, an Armalite Defender 10 chambered in .308, Century NPAP AK-47, a SIG 716 Patrol chambered in .308,


A Mossberg Super Bantam Combo in 20ga, a Mossberg 935 Turkey/Deer Combo in 12ga, a Mossberg 500 Slugster in 20ga, a Mossberg 500 Bantam Comb in 20ga with a 24” Slugster barrel, a Mossberg 535 Field/Deer Combo in 12ga, a Mossberg Deer/All Purpose Combo in 12ga with a 24” rifled barrel, a Mossberg 500 Field/Deer Combo in 20ga, Harrington & Richardson NEF Hawk Pardner Pump Shotguns in 20ga and 12ga, a Mossberg 500 Super-Bantam 20ga, a Mossberg 835 Turkey/Deer Combo in 12ga, a blued Savage 212 Slug gun in 12ga, Kelt-Tec KSG 12ga shotguns in both tan and black, a Stevens 320 Security 12ga,


an FNX-45, a Glock 19 Gen 4, a Ruger SR-1911 in 45 ACP, a Ruger MARK III in 22 LR, 2 black Springfield XD-S in 45 ACP, a Glock 43 gen 4, a Kel-Tec PLR-16 pistol chambered in 223 REM, an FNX-40, a Springfield bi-tone XD-S in 45 ACP, a black Springfield XD MOD 2 in 9mm, 2 Beretta U-22 Neos in 22 LR, a Colt Defender 1911, a Beretta 84 Cheetah in 380 ACP, a Glock 42 in 380 ACP, a black FNX-9, and a Ruger SR-9


a Smith and Wesson Bodyguard with Crimson Trace laser in 38 Special, A Smith and Wesson 642 Revolver with Crimson Trace Laser in 38 Special, a Smith and Wesson 500, A Ruger Single Ten in 22 LR, Ruger LCR Revolver in .357 Magnum


PMC .223 55gr FMJ, Lightfield 12ga 3”Hybred Elite, Lightfield 20ga 3” Hybred, Lightfield 12ga 3” Commander IDS, Winchester 12ga 2 ¾”, PRVI 303 British 174 gr FMJ, WIN 12ga 2 ¾” Long Range Lead, Winchester 30-06 180gr Power Point, PMC Bronze 40 S&W, Tula 7.62X54R 148gr FMJ, Winchester 22LR, UltraMax 45-70 GOVT 450gr, Federal 9mm luger 115gr, Federal Hydra-Shok 9mm 147gr, FIOCCHI 45 ACP 230gr FMJ, PMC Bronze 5.56 62gr, PRVI 5.56X45 blanks, Remington 20ga 2 ¾” rifled slugs, Remington 12ga 3” rifled slugs, PW Arms 30-06 150gr FMJ, Remington .35 REM 150gr Core-Lokt, Federal .223 Remington 55gr FMJ, Winchester 2 ¾” 20ga Upland Game, Armscore 44 MAG 240gr, Winchester 22 Magnum DYNAPOINT,

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